About Us

21427318_10214209209482359_5711368356211741573_oBryan and I can’t stop exploring. We’re always looking for new adventures so we decided to sell everything and begin a simpler, richer life on the road. It wasn’t an easy decision, we’re learning a lot on this journey and that’s exciting! We didn’t want to wait until retirement to explore our beautiful country so we’re taking our jobs with us, on the road. We worked up the courage to make a lifestyle change and here we are! We have a 19ft travel trailer that we call home/office/adventure headquarters.  We are living full-time in a Ford Transit Van for full mobility power! We thrive to explore & connect with the outdoors. 

I blog to keep our friends and family up-to-date with our shenanigans but to also inform others about this lifestyle. Warning: I am not a professional writer! Okay, now that you’ve been warned: follow us as we’re exploring the country in search of adventures.

You can find me on Instagram.