Florida Trail – January 2016

I hiked the Florida Trail on January 7th  and finished on March 6th. 
I spent 60 days in sunny Florida working on my tan and it turned out to be dirt and not a tan at all. I ate approximatively 75 Snicker Bars, 37 Ramen Noodle packages and drank 3 gallon of chocolate milk. You can review my day-to-day blog post below. 

*Warning* Reading this blog may impair your thinking or reactions. You may experience the need to go backpacking  after reading this, especially if you have wanderlust. Wait at least 4 hours or until you are fully geared-up before you set on the trail.

How much I spent on the Florida Trail.

Day 1: First Day
Day 2: Swamp
Day 3: Out of the Swamp
Day 4: New Shoes
Day 5: Levees
Day 6: More Levees
Day 7: First Zero in Clewiston
Day 8: Part 2
Day 9: On the Road Again
Day 10: Moore Haven – Tornado Warnings
Day 11: Yates Marsh Campsite
Day 12: Stealth Camping
Day 13: Oranges
Day 14: Kicco Ghost Town
Day 15: Grape Hammock Fish Camp
Day 16: Another Zero
Day 17: Three Lakes Campsite
Day 18: Forever Florida
Day 19: trail register
Day 20: Fish Hawk campsite
Day 21: Lake Mills Campground
Day 22: Billy Goat Day
Day 23: Oviedo
Day 24: Lake Mary
Day 25: Seminole State Forest
Day 26: Ocala National Forest
Day 27: Juniper Springs area
Day 28: The 88 Store “Oasis”
Day 29: Ruth Lawler – Volunteer
Day 30: Day Off
Day 31: Oak Hammock Shelter
Day 32: Tinsley Campsite
Day 33: GoldHead Branch SP
Day 34: Osceola
Day 35: Suwannee River
Day 36: Dogs
Day 37: Withlacoochee River
Day 38: Beginning of a long road walk
Day 39: More road Walk
Day 40: Aucilla
Day 41: St-Marks
Day 42: Nero
Day 43: Eating like a hobbit
Day 44: Apalachicola
Day 45: wet feet
Day 46: dry feet!
Day 47: A step back in time
Day 48: Florida trail/road
Day 49: There’s a trail!
Day 50: Close to Eglin…
Day 51: Ebro
Day 52: Happy Day!
Day 53: A Million Steps
Day 54: Eglin AFB
Day 55: Reunion
Day 56: Jump Around
Day 57: Death to the road walk
Day 58: Beaches for miles
Day 59: Champagne!