Our home on wheels

In 2015, we were on a quest to find the perfect home on wheels. It wasn’t until we started to go to RV shows and local RV dealership that we realized the task was harder than we thought! We knew we wanted to pull a trailer with an SUV so we had to search for an lightweight trailer. Bryan being 6’3 didn’t make it easy. Every trailer was made for hobbits. The ceiling were often too low or the showers to short so his head was sticking out of the skylight. We found a lightweight trailer that we thought was going to be perfect for us at a state park while we were bikepacking. The owners were kind enough to give us a tour… to our surprise, as soon as Bryan walked in, he had to tilt his head. That wasn’t going to work! So the search continued until we found the Gulfstream Visa (Newer models are now called Vista).


Floorplan of the Gulfstream Visa 19ERD

As you can see from the floorplan, the door for the bathroom also acts as a door to separate the dining room and the bedroom. This gave us two private spaces if we needed them.


The Bedroom

The dining room/kitchen/office/Living Room

The Bathroom/Shower