Day 2

Day 2.
Miles today: 9.3 miles.
Miles so far: 25.8 miles
Campsite: unknown.

Today was a hard one. Being in the middle of the swamp section, it was wet.

Syd the sloth and I started hiking at 720 as soon as the sun was up for us to see the trail. It has been 99% swamp the entire day. Mostly calf to knee deep all day made for a hard hike. The swamp is pretty but I’m already ready to be out of the water. My feet couldn’t agree more.

The count of me falling face first in the swamp is now up 3. I got pretty bad scratches on my knees. Grrrr…

At about mile 6, i screamed. Why? Because I was about 2 feet away from an angry, open mouth, water mocassin. Scared the beejeezus out of us. The rest of the hike, we were so so cautious.


So here we are, on an island with lots spiders. I guess they like dry land too. Alright, pretty much sums up my day. Beside the snake and water for 99% of the day, not much happened. Syd the sloth decided to hike another 4 miles but I stayed back. Frontpage showed up and he’s spending the night here so we’re talking about how crazy the swamp is. Everyone has warned us it was going to be wet but no one said there wouldn’t be a single dry land for 5 miles… It makes for filling up on water and break time very difficult because the only thing you can fo is stand… You can sit, or you’ll get your butt in the water. You can’t take your pack off or else it will be in water. It got our spirits down but we made a great decision by stopping for the night. We’ll be at a rest stop first thing in the morning (4 miles from here) and we’ll charge all of our electronics before heading into the Seminole reservation. As I typing this, a cute possum just made his way to about 10 feet from my tent. He’s adorable and he shall remain cute as long as he doesn’t screw around my tent…

That’s a wrap for today. Happy trails or swamps, wherever you are… 🙂



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