Day 5

Day 5.
Miles today: 20.4 miles.
Miles so far: 66.9 miles
Campsite: unknown. Stealth camp

Today was a gorgeous day! I was hiking by 640am. It was breezy, sunny and just the right temperature to hike. I don’t know what degree it was, all I know is that it was great hiking weather. Managed to work on my tan *cough sunburn cough* and put in a few miles today.


Overlooking the canal. Working on my sunburn

The first 10 miles were on the road out of the Seminole reservation, the other 10 was on the levee. It made for a beautiful afternoon. While in the Reservation there was a church sign that actually made me smile. “Quit looking back, you’re not going that way” it’s so true.



I saw a few alligators in the canal next to the dirt road but they were far enough to not raise any concerns. As i was setting up camp, I realized one was peaking slightly out of the water… Sneaky. After 30min, he was gone or so I hope.


On this hike, I have been listening to more podcasts than music. Today was a mixture of Stuff you should know, This American life, RV Roadtrekking and BBC news and the Nerdist. I enjoy switching as it keeps me entertainment, it’s difficult to binge listen to one specific podcast all day, as I lose interest pretty quickly. These definitely made the road walk much better.

Another uneventful day, I would say. I did take multiple break to rest my feet. Ever since day 3, they have been hurting. Today was a little breakthrough, why? I was able to peel off the loose skin between my toes. I know what they say, don’t peel off blister skin as it helps with friction but in this case, I think (hopefully) it will help. Yet, another gross nasty foot photo for you all to enjoy below. First time ever getting a blister there, I feel I’m handling it semi-well.


Had to pull this sucker off. Where's the moonshine when I need it?

In a few days, I will make my way into Clewiston which will mean I will hit the 100miles marker AND I get to take a zero day. For those unfamiliar with a zero: it’s basically a day where you do not hike at all but replenish your food supply, laundry, sleep in a real bed in a hotel and shower. I hope they have an AYCE restaurant because I would dive face first into it. I’m hungry. I’ve heard that hikers aren’t that hungry in their first week of hiking, that’s a lie. I’m hungry all the time. Ha! Those who knows me, know that I can eat all day long and that sitting on my butt all day, imagine my hunger after this hike. NOM NOM NOM.

The trail has been really easy to follow along, it is really well blazed and I am hoping it continues to stay this way.


Campground review: I’ve stayed at the RV campground last night and I must say that I enjoyed it better than Billie Swamp Safari. If any other hikers are debating between the two, do the rv campground. The bathrooms are modern and CLEAN. The area they provide for the hikers is under a large chickee and has a spotlight and an electric outlet. All this for 10$/night. Money well spent.

Alex is behind me, not too far. FrontPage is ahead by 20miles. I was glad to have gotten his number as he texted me the stealth camp situation ahead. I was able to make a decision on stopping at the right time in a good spot. I have yet gotten a trail name but I haven’t really been around many hikers to get a name. Been too busy hiking! Haha.

That’s about it. It was a sunset and bird watching kinda night, tonight. Happy trails my friends.


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