First Zero – Clewiston.

Day 7
Miles today:  Less than 15
Miles so far: 102 miles
Campsite: Travel Plaza Inn

Ah, a comfy bed and pillows. Who knew these would be luxury items. We made our way to Clewiston after a long week. We have everything we would ever need within 1.5 mile radius. Handful of restaurants, Wal-Mart, pharmacies, grocery store and bars. What else do you really need? 


Cheap motels makes for happy hikers

The day started around 530 am. Alex and I had camped on the levee and realized quickly that we had set up very close the a railroad track that brings all the sugar cane back to the factory, we knew that because the train had a big sign that read “sugar cane corporation” ’nuff said.  We found out that the sugar industry never sleep. Around 130am a train went by… Choo-chooing along the way. Waking up every living thing in a 10 mile radius I am sure. Alex, after the insane day he had pulled the day before, slept through it. The train came around once more around 4am and we decided to wake up.


Morning on the levee.

We packed and were on ou way by 530am. The section on the levee was mostly grass and little bushes which made it hard to hike on in the dark. Unlike the hike on the day before, which was on a packed down grass or dirt road, this section took a lot out of us. When I got the chance to hop on the road, i did. My feet didn’t enjoy the pounding on the asphalt but they also didn’t like being soaked from the dew at 6am from the tall grass and bushes. I think my feet wanted to remain dry for at least a few more days before it getting swamps flashbacks…


Burning of the sugar canes

The blisters are healing, slowly. We went to the local chinese buffet and ate until our hearts were content.  I may have wobbled back to the hotel… I took a long nap, which was well deserved. We were finally productive and did laundry later in the afternoon. I asked the clerk if she had some sort of plastic bag and she shrugged and pointed at a towel that was kinda just tossed under her counted… I said sure! I can’t be picky. It was either that or dirty pants for another 7 days. I stood in the suspicious towel on front of the laundromat as we sipped Arizona iced teas and waited for our loads to be ready. Life was good.


Suspicious towel...

Dinner was at the Tiki Bar at Roland Martins Marina. Well priced food for thru-hikers and a fun place to be. We realized that Florida seems to be one of the few states that still allows smoking in their bars… Which seemed kinda odd.


Tomorrow we have the entire day off.  We plan on grocery shopping, showering a few more times and buying some Epson salt and giving ourselves some foot bath. Life will be good.

Life has been extremely good so far. This trail is like no other. It’s… Odd. Which isn’t a bad thing. I came here with no expectations of it to be this fabulous hiking trail and I have already made many friends and wonderful memories.

Looking forward to a tad more wilderness experience. The swamp was especially hard on the morale and the levees were hard on the feet. All around, I am proud of how far I’ve come and overcome and looking ahead puts a big smile on my face.

That’s about it about our first afternoon on a Zero day. I’m already curled up in bed so nighty night all. Happy trails.


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