Day 12 – wet butts

Day 12
Miles today:  20 miles
Miles so far: 185.3 miles
Campsite: Oak Creek Parking lot

We rised early and hit the wet trail by 7am. By 730 we had a water crossing up to our waist since the foot bridge was out. It was a chilly morning and the water was really cold! The worst is hiking with a wet butt!


We finally made it to our first section in actual woods. It was beautiful and everywhere we look we saw cow pies. We heard a few cows running and in a matter of minutes it was a stampede ha!


We hauled ass to meet with FrontPage at the Cracker Trail Country store. They had good food and were really friendly folks. Bathrooms and an outlet was outside for us to charge our phones.


The boys ate plenty as I chowed down a can of cold meat raviolis. Not sure why, but I have been hungry for those! Another hiker we had met the night before joined us at the store. Joey, was his name. We hiked another 10 miles on the road and we decided to stay in a dry grassy parking area next to the road. The road has little to no traffic (no cars has been here in 2 hours). Just before we got there, I had to pee and fell behind the boys to drop my pants on the side of the road. There is literally no where to go as there’s fenced fields around the road. I had said to them I was going to pee. As I was peeing, FrontPage turns around to tell me something and bam! He got to see me doing my thang. We laughed, apparently I have to yell loud enough to scare the cows to insure everyone knew about me peeing. Oh well!


We saw a beautiful sunset as we set up our tents and cooked dinner. It feels good to have lots of company as this trail is supposed to be known for it’s quietness. The 4 of us are enjoying our time together.


We heard in the upcoming days that we will have a few water crossing with chest high water. We aren’t excited about it but if we have to do it, better as a group than alone.

That’s all! Road walking is a pain in the rear so I’m already in my sleeping bag and it’s only 630pm! Happy trails!


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