Day 26 – Feb 1st

Day 26
Miles today:  24.2
Miles so far: ~416 miles
Campsite: Stealth Campsite by Alexander Spring

The previous night was busy! I heard a lot of ruffles in the woods. The palmettos are very noisy as well so if anything touches it, it creates a lot of noise. At one point, Alex yelled “hey!” to scare away anything that was around our camp. At 4 in the morning I saw Alex was up and at 430 he was gone. He had packed and left. There was no way I wanted to leave that early so I layed in bed until 630 and was on the trail by 7am.


It was a long day. The sun was bright and it was getting hot. My umbrella has been handy more than once on this trip. I am very glad I brought it. Around lunch, I took a break. Sat on my piece of tyvek and was stretching my legs… What did I saw? A itty bitty tick on my thigh! NOOOOO. I thought I had gotten lucky and was enjoying a tick free trail. Ugh! I quickly pulled it out and tossed it.

I crossed path with a southbound thru-hiker naked Bush Wacker or bushwack, I forgot already. He had told me a few days of dry feet were ahead. Yay! Although rain is on the forecast for Thursday and Friday…


Alex had texted me that he had made it 0.1 mile from Alexander Springs campground and stealth there. I found him later this afternoon. Lucky for him, he had time to go swim at the spring unlike me who had arrive at 5pm. I had to pee so i went behind a few bush and as I was peeing, felt a few tickles on my feet. I was wearing my crocks at that point to rest my feet. I quickly realized that the tickling was from itty bitty teenie tiny ticks one again. Now there was a few running around. I quickly ran off and shook my sandals. A few were crawling up and I wiped them off. UGH!

Today was especially hard on my legs. I am not sure why, but they feel like jell-o. I popped some vitamin I (ibuprofen) and went into my tent. The overall section today was really prettt despite the small bit of road walking I had done. I believe it was the most wilderness I had seen in a day! About time Florida! Haha

Thursday I am supposed to stop at the 88 Store to pick up a maildrop Betty and Bryan had sent me. Cookies and food. Mmm I’m looking forward to those cookies!! If it wasn’t for Bryan, the center of the operation, I wouldn’t get a single resupply box. I have gotten a tremendous amount of support from him.

Time to rest my sore feet. Happy Trails!


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