Day 38 – Beginning of a long road walk

Day 38
Miles today: 16.9 miles + 1.6miles to dinner.
Miles so far: 669.8 miles (off trail)
Campsite: Deerwood Inn and Campground

Woke up to the sound of Joey’s putting his tent away. Whoah! I had slept in. It was past 7am. I packed my things and we were on our way soon after. We decided to go to JayVeer Country store for breakfast and stop on the old I-90 bridge to see a Ted Bundy graffiti…  Which was creepy enough.



On our way out of JayVeer, we met a group of day hikers who were going to hike the Florida Trail. The gentleman actually had worked on the trail and we thanked him for his work.


It was basically road walk the entire day. We skipped a big “U” shape reroute on the road as it was unnecessary mileage so we hiked a straight line instead. Saving about 6miles.

We also saw a lot of trucks with funny stickers such as “slow poke”, “Big sexy”, “Country boy”… Something tells me” Big Sexy” isn’t that big and sexy…

We arrived at Deerwood Inn and dropped our packs so we could go eat at the truck stop. Yes, we ate at Dennys the day before Valentine’s day. Ha! I wanted to take a zero soon but, I also want to get this road walk over with as soon as possible. So tomorrow we’re back on the trail!

It will be another cold night and I am thankful to be in a warm motel. Although the clerk asked upon checking in if we were going to “spend the night or…?” or what lady?! Ha. wasn’t that awkward! Oh well, Joey and I laughed it off.


To the road I go and walk slowly but first let’s finish watching the Hobbit in bed. Happy trails to you all!



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