Day 46 – Dry feet!

Day 46
Miles today: 15 ish miles
Miles so far: 850.4 miles
Campsite: Camel Lake Campground

Another night of dripping on my face. I packed up to realize that it was not only condensation but there was a mist outside which came through my open vestibule. Yikes! I was up and hiking right at dawn which is perfect when hiking on a dirt road. It was so foggy and misty, it reminded me of Silent Hill movie. Ahhh!


The trail was pretty again. At least the section I hiked. First few hours were spent on the road as I knew the other areas were marshy and… By you now you should know me.. I like dry feet. I started listening to The Martian’s audiobook. Funny, the road I was on looked like Mars! The second half was much better as it got closer to the Camel Lake area, so I hiked that trail. I like having dry feet. It makes for a wonderful day of hiking. I got to the campground around 1pm. Set up my tent, took my umbrella and phone and went to the beach. Ahh yes. I had a whole beach to myself. I stripped down to my undies and went in. As I got out to sit in the sun to dry, a man came to the beach and went swimming. Hopefully he doesn’t come near me as I have not shaved in weeks and my French HAIR-itage is showing. Get it? Haha I’m so clever… And hairy.




I couldn’t shower not get water at the spigot because some rv’er had backed into a water spigot and broke the line and the host was trying to fix it up. Once fixed, he came and let me know I could use the water once again. Yay! I showered quickly and did some laundry in the sink. The socks I had worn on the marshy areas stuuuuuunk something bad. And guess what, they are still awful even after trying to wash them with shampoo. As I was laying my clothes out to dry, a lady came around with her dog. Of course I had to go pet said dog now. The dog had a Packers collar! I laughed and informed the woman that I lived in Green Bay. She laughed said she lived in Appleton! Small world!



Apparently there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet in Bristol. Guess who’s rushing there tomorrow? Me! Screw with healthy eating ha! Don’t worry I’ll resupply with the good stuff. Thank goodness for a real grocery store… Maybe my body will be able to forgive me then.

Joey texted me saying he kept seeing “small girlish” footsteps all day and told me he would be camping at the campground tonight. Yay! Company! He arrived and set his tent up and pulled out a red heart shaped balloon that had “happy valentine’s day” on it. He had found it in the swamp and it was too good to left behind after we spent that day together. Too funny!


I’ve retreated to my tent. Little bugs are swarming my tent and I inhaled a few already. Gross. I suppose time for bed. Lets dream of the all-you-can-eat buffet. Dry feet are Happy feet. Happy trails!


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