Almost 2 months on the road…

Mimosas for everyone; we survived our first two months as full-timers!!

When the seed was planted over a year ago, I never thought we’d actually achieve so much. But here we are, loving every single day of it. Of course, it didn’t happen without any issues. The mirror ripping turkey hit and run, the cold and wet spring of Colorado and the “newness” (newness is a word right?) of everything has made things interesting and on occasion, challenging. Here are our reflections of our first two months on the road as full time travelers.


travel life.jpg

Two happy months down, a lifetime more to go.


Timing & Location

Over a year ago, we put down a date on the calendar to get us working towards a goal. We had a few destinations in mind, but to get myself a job, we opted for a larger metropolitan area. which ended up being Denver, Colorado in this case. On April 1st we set off and made our way to Denver in a week and a half, passing through the very windy state of Nebraska. Arizona would have been a better destination for an April departure, however. Alas, we arrived too early in Colorado and had to deal with the consequences – cold, rainy and snowy. We went through a lot of propane to keep our tiny home warm in the cold weather. Condensation has been also an issue with the contrast in temperature inside and outside of the trailer. Our trailer isn’t insulated for winter like conditions and our bathroom vent occasionally leaks… Despite our timing being off by a few months, we still enjoy exploring the mountains foothills.

Day-to-day tasks:

Organizing things in 144 sq ft is fairly easy, but mundane tasks like laundry has been rather challenging. We sure miss having a washer & dryer in our house. In Nebraska, I happened to have time to wash our clothes old-timey style in a bucket and hang dry. Here, in Colorado, we have access to a very small laundromat in the RV park. The washer and dryer seem to go in and out of order resulting in a periodic run to the local laundromat in order to dry our clothes. This can be a huge pain in the butt at times when you need clean clothes … NOW. Let’s not forget the necessity to have quarters on hand at all time. It is still an adjustment but we’ll figure it out soon or later.

These were the only two complaints we have about our current set-up/situation. Ain’t that bad, is it? Now onto the good stuff and what we love about our adventure.

We love how minimalist we have become. We don’t have a second set of anything. We learn that if something breaks, we try to repair it ourselves. It is a great sense of accomplishment. Very much like ultralight backpacking, many things in our home have a dual purpose. Space is an issue, of course, so we don’t purchase unnecessary items that would sit and collect dust. We also don’t want to make the trailer too homey so that we would want to be in it all the time. We made it functional, instead of ‘hip’, and we’re happy with it.

New places, new opportunities.

We found out that moving to a new location involves lots of new things, such as figuring out where to grocery shop, local places to explore, new people to meet etc… We’re lucky to have a biking trail nearby which has made exploring easier whether it’s on foot or by bike. Of course, we have visited new breweries and backpacked new forests. Really, everything has been serendipitous.

Closeness to the wilderness

It goes without saying that Colorado has a lot of options when it comes to hiking and backpacking. Back in Wisconsin, it would be over an hour drive to find a decent backpacking location. The Colorado Trail is 12 miles away from where we live. Rocky Mountain National Park is less than 2 hours away. Many open spaces, State Parks and hiking trails are within a 30min drive. We have biking trails behind our park that goes pretty much anywhere in Denver. I mean, I don’t want to rub it in but… it’s pretty awesome.

To sum it up, I’d say we have a pretty good start at this simple, more adventurous life. We’re happy and we never miss an episode of Game of Thrones. (ha!) So go on, go on your own adventures, they’re out there waiting for you.



2 thoughts on “Almost 2 months on the road…

  1. Aunt Barb says:

    I am so glad things are going well for you. Keep living your dream and enjoy everyday. “Happy trails to you” safe travels.
    Aunt Barb


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