Quick update on the RV Lifestyle

In about 7 weeks, Bryan and I will making our way towards Phoenix, AZ. Our time in Denver has been fabulous and quite hot but we’re looking forward to continuing our crazy lifestyle of exploring. If anyone is planning on visiting Denver or the surrounding areas by Labor day, feel free to let us know. We’d be happy to meet up and help in anyway we can. Afterall, we’re mobile.

I am still working through the contract I began back in April for a local agency in Denver and will be back on the hunt for a contract, preferably a remote position, very soon.

Our time has been filled with backpacking, mountain climbing, cycling and exploring. We’re looking forward to exploring a new region soon. It hasn’t been without any ups and down for sure. Two weeks ago, we begun having issues with our towing vehicle and was told we needed a new motor… yikes! Perhaps we’ll be buying a new vehicle soon? hopefully not!

While we were without a vehicle, we decided to pile on the miles on our bikes and explore the city. We visited most RV dealerships in the area for a potential RV upgrade. If I get remote work, I will need a working area as well and our current 144 sq footage may be a bit tight to accommodate the both of us working remotely.

6 things that we enjoy about our decision to go full-time.

  1. There are less things to manage. It taught us to fix things rather than buying something new.
  2. Spend less time indoors and more time exploring. We’re either backpacking, climbing mountains or biking in and around Denver.
  3. Cleaning is a breeze! With less space, a quick sweep takes care of everything.
  4. We are constantly talking about moving in neat places… Did you know that the tallest mountain in Colorado has 4G LTE? Which means we could work from there!
  5. New friendships. Both of our neighbors are down to earth, friendly and down right awesome. I’ve only been here a few months and know more about them than our neighbors back when we lived in a house in Green Bay! (Bonus: some of our neighbors are Packers Fan too!)
  6. We’re just… happier. Yep, it’s true! We know that no matter what, everything is temporary. If we don’t like something, we can move. Gotta love a house on wheels!

So there you have it, a quick update on our crazy decision to go full time as RVers back in April. If anyone have questions about it, feel free to ask! We’ll be more than happy to help out.


Before our Mt Elbert climb, slept in the back of the car… free!


Bryan has been fixing EVERYTHING.


Hanging out with our new friends. Music in the park nearby our RV park.


Of course… lots of beers! Gotta stay hydrated!


2 thoughts on “Quick update on the RV Lifestyle

  1. Melanie Levesque says:

    Oh. Writing that down! We’re hoping to be parked near the Superstition Wilderness and AZT near Phoenix. It’s coming up soon!

    For our internet access, we have an unlimited Verizon Mifi so as long as we have cellular reception, Bryan can work. Did you know the summit of Mt. Elbert has 4G LTE reception?! 😛


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