Getting ready for take-off.

We’re moving our house on wheels on Friday and hoping to arrive in Phoenix by Monday. We’ve had an amazing time in Denver and we will definitely be back, someday, to hike and climb everything!

A lot of people asked how we get ready for a move and to tell you the truth, it’s quite simple. There aren’t too many things to secure inside the travel trailer, as we don’t own much, thanks to our simplistic lifestyle. We simply have to unhook the sewer hose, water hose, and water filter and put these away in our storage bay. Our bikes get stored inside the trailer and finally, we turn off our propane tanks and secure a few loose items in the trailer and we’re ready to go! Of course, there’s the whole hooking up the trailer to the SUV job as well…

There’s no need to remember to pack a toothbrush or worry about what clothes we’ll wear as everything is right there. It’s a lot simpler than packing for a vacation!!


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