Arizona Trail Section Hike – Day 2

Day 2
Miles today: 19.4
Campsite: 35.04703003,-111.44096077
Elevation: 6961ft
Water availability:

  1. Small pond off trail had brown muddy water. Mile marker 235 Southbound
  2. Prime lake had a lot of muddy water.
  3. Mormon Canyon Tank one, not listed in app had water but was hard to pump without getting in the water. Slightly off trail (see campsite GPS coordinate for location)

Passage 30 – Mormon Lake

So let me tell you about last night at camp… I set up my tent and crawled in my warm sleeping bag. I was snoozing for a good 30min when suddenly a high pitched screech came booming through. Whatever it was, was extremely close to me and being the chicken that I am, I  did not want to know what gawd awful creature made that noise. I closed my eyes and hoped that it would not get any closer. I listened carefully for footsteps but heard none. Strange… Very strange.

I woke up happy knowing the chupacabra did not get me overnight. Ended up doing 3 miles extra than I anticipated. It was a smooth hike most of the day so itself easy to do. Went up and down a canyon in my first 5 miles and it warmed me up nicely.

The entire day was overcast and some darker clouds looked as if it was going to rain. Thankfully it did not rain, the clouds kept things cooler.  Somehow I still managed to get  myself a mighty nice farmer’s tan.


I hiked past Lowell Observatory and NPOI which the app described it as a highly specialized telescope capable of extremely high-precision measurements.The trail was partially sand most of the day and became a two track trail after mid morning. I entered a cow field by crossing a few barbed wired gates and the terrain became rocky-er. At one point, I had to get off trail to get around a herd of cows that had taken over the trail. As to not disturb the mother and their calves, I decided to walk around… Some of them, with large horns were either curious or protective. They moved towards me but to be safe, I did not approach them. Last thing I need is to run away from a cow with a pack full of heavy water. Ha!

Today was a good day and I am looking forward to having Bryan join me on an overnight this weekend. Happy Trails!



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