Been There, Done That.

**News Flash!**
We’re back in Phoenix. WHAT?!
Last week, while I was attempting to thru-hike the Lone Star Hiking Trail, I got an email. It was a job opportunity that would start this week. That night, I got off the trail, chatted with Bryan and we decided to come back to Phoenix.

Thing is… finding a monthly RV spot in Phoenix in February is REALLY hard. Either they were full or they only allowed 55+ individuals. I made a spreadsheet of over 90 parks in the Phoenix area and all of them were a big fat ‘no vacancy’. I expanded my search to the outer part of the city and still got nothing until I reached 60+miles outside of the city. Snowbirds own this town in Winter and it’s even worst when Spring training is coming up apparently.

We parked our house on wheels 1hr away from my work which will make my daily commute to 2hrs/day. I will continue to call campgrounds around the city to find any availability and hopefully move again sooner rather than later.

Good news though, we’re only 2.5hrs away from Joshua Tree National Park and we plan on visiting it a lot in the upcoming weeks. More backpacking in the desert and exploring, just what we needed!

We’ll get back to Texas someday but for now, we’re enjoying the dry desert heat in the middle of winter.



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