Miles this passage: 20.2 miles
Campsite: Glamping in the van at General Spring Trailhead. #guilty!
Water availability: Has a few water sources available this time of year – End of October.

Information HERE on Passage 26.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.55.34 PM.png

We hiked this passage in two segments.  

We did things a bit different this weekend and shuttled ourselves. We also started fostering a dog this week and decided it would be best if we broke the passage into 2 day-hikes to get him used to hiking alongside of us. Despite the amount of driving, shuttling each other was a nice way to avoid hiking the passage twice.

Originally we wanted to do the shuttling option to give us a 20mi day hike but once we learned we were going to be foster parents: we changed our plan to ease the dog in hiking some distance. Guess what: he did great! Someone adopt him so he can be your hiking buddy!


Bryan leaving General Spring TH to go southbound. 


I started hiking southbound from General Spring TH and Bryan went northbound from Webber Creek TH. We met up in the middle for a nice break.

This section was beautiful as it followed the Mongollon Rim. We were rewarded with great views and lots of different scenery as the trail went in and out of forested areas. The shaded sections were a nice treat as, despites the temperature being in the mid 70s, the sun made for a hot hiking day. There was water at Chase creek and near Washington Park.

I lost track of the AZT near the section by Washington Park . At least, the Guthook App was telling me I was off trail. The actual AZT followed a creek and I seemed to be on the wrong side of it but it eventually merged back and all was good again. I believe I ended up hiking momentarily on the Highline Trail instead.


Exposed areas made for some hot hiking.


On Sunday, we shuttled one another from between Webber Creek TH & Pine Trailhead. The scenery was similar to the previous day and Bryan was lucky enough to see an elk on the trail. I saw another tarantula out for the mating season… I’m actually starting to become more and more comfortable with seeing these little guys on the trail.

The way we worked it out was that Bryan got to hike the most ‘uphill’ way as I went downhill. Score!! He’s a stronger hiker so I let him do that hard stuff 😉 The section that descended towards Pine trailhead was nice and open which made for easy hiking after the gentle elevation gain initially from Webber Creek TH.

We’re looking forward to more section hiking as we have figured out a system that may be useful as we avoid hiking the same passage twice. YASSS!!!


Our foster doggy tired after two day hikes! 



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