Where the heck are we now?

I realize I have not blogged since November! 😱 Heads up for those who aren’t on our social media pages: we announced that our big PCT hike is getting postponed until 2019 due to a knee injury. So what are our 2018 plans then? Read on…

After two years on the road, we technically only visited two states: Arizona and Colorado as my work contracts lead us there. I’d say it’s time for a new state!

So here we are now, Southern California. Thankfully, we are located just far enough east that the mountains of the Angeles National Forest reduces the impact of the winter warnings (high winds, floods & mudslides) that most of southern California is receiving right now. Besides some rain and high winds, we are all safe… 💨

What are the 2018 initial plans:

First, to update my (Melanie) work portfolio and find the right full-time remote opportunity that will allow us to be more on the road than stationary for many months at the time in one particular city.

Second, we plan on ramping up our solar capability to be able to boondock (dry-camp) for extended periods of time. This takes time and planning for a smooth ride in the future. We’re excited about this venture and can’t wait to share info when we start. February will be our big first long-term dry camping test and we hope it goes smoothly. Hope it stays sunny!

More plans are forming everyday but these are the two major ones we’d like to tackle first. Despite not hiking, we are keeping ourselves busy with projects planning and daydreaming. Cheers to a [more] nomadic year!


Boondocking at Joshua Tree National Park.





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