Happy New Year’s Eve.

I set out in less than a week. As I am typing this, I’m eating the leftover peanuts from my resupply maildrop. I know that, soon, I will start hating these because I’ll be eating them everyday. Good thing I only have 3 maildrops scheduled (potentially less) for this thru-hike so I won’t have to eat them too often.

A lot of folks has asked me how do I get more food and water while on a long trail. The Florida Trail is 1,100 miles but it’s not all wilderness miles. This means I will be walking through towns, past convenience store, groceries, hotels etc… When needed, I will purchase more food and as far as water, just filter some from ponds, lakes, rivers or puddles if I have to. Pretty simple.

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Florida Trail, check out these resourceful websites:

These two websites has helped me tremendously on prepping for my thru-hike. I’m also a member of the Florida Trail Class of 2016 on Facebook where a lot of questions has been answered by members.

About this Blog

If you haven’t noticed by now, there are grammatical errors in my writing. That may be because english is my second language, French being my primary language. I’m not writing this blog to be publish or anything, just to share my experience with everyone. There will be nights where I will be in the middle of the woods in my tent, typing a whole entry on my phone. Typos and errors WILL happen. If you’re a grammar nazi, this is not be the blog you’re looking for.

Anyway, I am not sure how often I will be updating this blog but be sure to subscribe to receive an email when I post. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. I will try to write a recap of each week during my Zero days unless I’m too busy showering, laundering or swimming in the beautiful springs that Florida has to offer. Don’t worry, I won’t be swimming with the gaitors… not on purpose anyway.

*HOME PAGE Photo Credit: Big Cypress National Preserve (NPS)


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