Day 10

Day 10
Miles today:  24 miles
Miles so far: 148.8 miles
Campsite: Angler’s Motel in Buckhead Ridge.

Had a beautiful sunrise today as we decided to sleep in since it was Saturday after all. We were hiking by 7am. There has been a lot of dew on our tents in the morning. Packing up a wet tent is no fun. I had my doors rolled up to keep a nice breeze going but the dew on the screen got my down sleeping bag all wet. Wet down is also no fun.


First few miles were on a bike path between Moore Haven and Lakeport the  we hoped on the dike. I had to stop a few times to tape my feet as concrete and asphalt makes for sensitive toes. The sunrise was so bright that I hurried and applied a lot of sunscreen to protect myself. I whipped out my umbrella and once again, I was feeling good.

The view was the same all day long. This trail is such an odd one. In about 150 miles, I actually haven’t been near a wilderness trail in over 100 miles. It is still interesting, it’s just different. After 10 miles today, we stopped near a water work building and dried out most of our wet gear from the morning.


Alex and I wanted to make it to the Anglers motel tonight so we could watch the Packer game. We made it happen! This motel is definitely not the fanciest place. It’s old and definitely need some help but it has a bed and a TV. We’re happy. The lady we met at the front office is so fun. We had a long conversation about our hike and such. She was excited to have us here. We heard there was going to be another severe thunderstorm tomorrow morning. As we were waiting for the game to start, local TV channels were sending warnings about the bad weather that may produce tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and heavy rains… Great. Another wet, windy and strange day is waiting for us tomorrow. We may leave the motel much later to be safe.


Time to watch the Packer game… Or sleep. Whichever happens first! Long hard days makes for great sleep. Happy trails.


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