Day 11

Day 11
Miles today:  17.8 miles
Miles so far: 165.5 miles
Campsite: Yates Marsh Campsite

Today we took a left turn. Yes. A left turn… The trail on the levee was straight, the road we walked was straight until we took a left turn.

We woke in the motel and it was pouring out. Glad we had rented a room to stay dry. We decided to have a lazy Sunday and stayed in bed late. By 8am we got up and had our breakfasts. The motel was old and such as I described yesterday but the beds were comfy. I desperately need whatever pillow top they had on those beds.


We were hiking by 10am. It was a sunny late morning. A dark cloud over us decided to get us very wet for about 10min. There was also a wind advisory for our region so we were fighting against the wind with the sudden heavy rain.


A few miles in the road walking, I saw 2 big brown shapes run away in the brush along side the road. It was hard to make up what it was, and assumed 2 deers were running away until Alex told me to listen to the squealing. After quietly listening, 2 piglets came running squealing. It was the cutest thing ever. They were orangey brown with spots on their backs. All i wanted wad to squeeze them. I realized that the 2 big shapes I had seen must had been the parents… Neat!!

By mile 17, I noticed a dark figure ahead of us. Another hiker!!! We huried to make it to camp and all we arrived together. We introduced ourselves and made dinner. This campsite is quite wet and difficult to find a dry spot to pitch a tent. Another fellow with a cowboy hat came in too but went past us without saying hello. Some folks just like the solitude, I suppose. We’re all in our tents, listening to the coyotes howling at the moon.


Today was a good day. Happy trails!


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