Day 16 – Second Zero

Day 16
Miles today:  0
Miles so far: 234.4 miles
Campsite: Grape Hammock Fish Camp

Today was a whole lot of nothing. We enjoyed our zero. We did laundry and showered again. As we were doing laundry we noticed a sign for a Chili supper at 6pm tonight just donate some ingredients. We had summer sausage and cheese and decided to share that with them as to not go in empty handed.


FrontPage and I arrived 5 minutes prior to 6pm. The sweet lady I had talked to prior that afternoon came to us and apologized that there wasn’t enough room to sit with the others so we had our own table. We sat, she rang a little bell and everyone became quiet. She welcomed all and asked Fred Sr. to say grace. She then proceeded by introducing us in front of everyone. We waves and smiled. We were told to get food first as we had the winning table.

Two Crockpot full of chili, cheese, fritos, onions, and a lot of desserts. We had a feist. No one approached us during dinner but as we were leaving, Fred Sr waved at us to join their table to chat. I had met him a few hours prior and told him of my adventure. He and his family had a million questions and we were more than happy to answer them. They were so excited for us.


It was a fun night. Being part of this small rv community for the night was rewarding. Tomorrow is everyone’s Saturday but for us, hiker, it will be Monday. Let’s get back out there and enjoy. Happy Trails.


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