Day 17 – Jan 23rd

So this app has yet again, deleted my original post and now I have to rewrite it. So bear with me with this one…

Day 17
Miles today:  20ish
Miles so far: 263.7 miles
Campsite: Three Lakes Campsite


We slept in until 6am and went to drop off our keys for the cabin at the office. Heather was working and her and her husband were the ones that had drove us to the convenience store 2 days prior. She had offered us again to drive us to the three lake entrance as the busy road walk was too dangerous. We accepted of course. Heather, if you’re reading this, Thank you again for helping us out!! We shaved about 6 miles of “trails” with the ride but it was too dangerous to even risk hiking the shoulder.


It was a chilly and windy morning. We stayed on the dirt road instead using the trail as the trail may had been wet and we were not ready to get wet feet at this temperature. No one was going to get hypothermia on my watch!

At lunch, we stopped and met 2 more hikers. They kinda looked down on us for having gotten the ride and for walking the road… And to that I say “hike your own hike”. To my surprise, I later learned they had hitch a ride later that evening…

We had to depart from FrontPage as he was taking the western corridor and we were going east. Only Alex remained with me. We walked for a while when a pick up truck pulled on the dirt road and a man came out to pee. Alex approach the man (we were hiking his direction anyway) and were talking. Once I caught up, I heard the man talking about how his friend had seen a bigfoot in the area about 20min ago and he was looking for it. He told us he had seen footprints that were about 18in long. We let him finish his story and were on our way soon after.


And that’s all I remembered from that day. Sorry folks, no fun narrative as my memory is terrible. Happy trails nonetheless!


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