Day 19 – Jan 24th

Day 19
Miles today:  19.4
Miles so far: 309.2 miles
Campsite: stealth camp on Nova Rd

Another milestone today! I made it to mile 300. We also passed a trail register… We last saw one 200 miles ago!!


It was a tiring day that was basically all road walk. It was unpleasant. It’s hard to stay focus on days like this as there isn’t much to look at, to distract you or to anything interesting. There was a lot of ranch land which was basically flat. Wait, Florida IS flat. We passed an orange farm and workers were singing as they were picking the oranges, which was interesting. I was listening to my audiobook (lord of the rings) when I kept hearing some loud noises. I knew it wasn’t coming from my book. A few times i took my earbuds out to search for the strange noise. Suddenly, man up in orange trees, just singing.

We took many breaks, because it was a dry section on top of being all hard road walk. Cars kept zooming by and we waved to most who waved at us. I got frustrated as the grassy areas has those prickly little sticks that catch on everything and pokes you as you walk. Every time I walked on the grass it happened which was often as these roads had a good amount of traffic. I didn’t take many photos today, as it was just a plain road. Sorry guys!

From our camp, which is basically us hiding behind a bush from the road, we can see the road. The cars aren’t far but at the speed they’re going, they can’t see us, thankfully. I am glad to have a hiking buddy in these situations. Not only for some security but also for entertainment.


We’re tired now and we retreated to our tents. Hopefully the road walk is more pleasant tomorrow. Happy trails 🙂


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