Day 18 Jan 24th

Day 18
Miles today:  23
Miles so far: 289.9 miles
Campsite: Jane Green Campsite

Alex and I wanted hot breakfast. So our mission was to get hiking by 630am to be at Forever Florida for 830am. We made it by 9am! Not too bad. 7 miles done and we were getting our breakfast on!  We stayed for about an hour to warm ourselves up after the cold morning. It was no blizzard cold, but we still had frost on the vegetation around us. We passed many wet spot on the trail but overall the trail was really pretty today.





We decided to opt for the white blaze to take us through the hunt camp. The camp host informed us that we could safely hike this season as it was the small game season. By doing so, our mileage was shorten by 3.4 miles. (otherwise our day would of been almost 27 today). We spend about 30min talking to the hosts and were on our way soon after.




The rest of the hike was getting wetter as we got closer to camp. Sadly the last thing you want is wet feet at the end of your day. Wait, scratch that. Wet feet, no matter the time of the day, is terrible. We made it to Jane Green Campsite and a couple was already here. We set up our camp and made dinner. By that time, they had retreated to their tents and we didn’t want to bother them.


The moons lately have been beautiful. So bright that it lights up my tent. Tonight it is a bright yellow.

I have been listening to Serial, the podcast. Today, I finished season 1. SPOILER ALERT. I didn’t like it. I felt that all the time I had invested in hearing the case and the research had me wanting for some closure. Which did not happen. It didn’t leave me to want to hear more, it just disappointed me. Typically, stories who has an open end like this, you end up learning something about yourself, society or something. I didn’t feel it was the case in this podcast. I have the second season waiting for me but I doubt I want to invest more time. Hey, afterall I still got some good old Lord of the Rings left to listen to. Awww yissss.

Happy trails precious!

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