Billy Goat Day – Jan 28

Day 22
Miles today:  None
Miles so far: 346.2 miles
Campsite: Lake Mills Campground, again.

It’s still pouring rain and were hoping for some dry weather tomorrow morning so we don’t have to pack a wet tent.


I woke up with the sound of John and John backing their truck up near my tent. They were about to fix us up some breakfast. Apple pancakes! Rainbow had brought coffee and turkey sausage and shared with us. I introduced myself to John and he said he’s just going to call me D2 instead. Which rolls of the tongue much much better than double d, or double deuce or dd. At least I won’t have folks stating at my chest wondering why I call myself double “D”. Ha! So D2 it is now…

Rainbow had brought hula hoops and I was terrible at it. I hike, my hips aren’t made to do hoops like that! We walked over to the Pavillion to get lunch ready for Billy Goat’s arrival. So many people helped it was good to see. Finally met more thru-hikers… There are other people beside Alex and I on this trail haha! Some are behind us, some ahead. Raven and Rambler are two cool dudes who started after me and zipped past when I stopped at Big Cypress Campground. They are now hundreds of miles ahead. Ziiiiiip! They’re fast. I’ll keep my turtle pace of 20miles/day.


Met so many people it’s hard to keep track. A bunch of folks from the kick-off were here as well. Good to see familiar faces. After the festivities, Alex and I went to a nearby bar for a drink. We apparently took a wrong turn and ended up walking all around the block ha! We met a man who had hiked a section of the AT during a terrible storm and understood what we were going through. He offered us to stay at his house for the night and a drive in the morning. Always heartwarming to see people caring in situations like this. We declined politely. Sugar Mama and GreyWolf drove us back to the campground (thank goodness we didn’t have to walk in the rain again!). She has a cute little VW van that she lives out with her dog and kitty.

I knew this already, but I am experiencing it first hand, is that people are so generous and they care about what you do. Yeah you can meet an asshole here and there but the trail community is a loosely knit group that knows someone who knows someone that may be able to help if you ever needed it. Sandra and Sugar Mama both offered Alex and I breakfast as we’re the only ones staying at the campground this evening besides Sugar Mama in her van.

It was a long day of chatting and eating, I have been waiting for a nap for a long  time! Gee! Feels like all we do on this trail is eat! I may end up going home with a few pounds on despite all that hiking, heck… I may even wobble to fort Pickens!

Alright time for that much needed nap. Happy trails to all!
-D2 ha!


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