Day 23 – Jan 29

Day 23
Miles today:  21.1
Miles so far: 369.1 miles
Campsite: La Quinta Inn for a zero

It finally stopped raining! The morning was cool and the tent did not want to dry out. I said screw it, and I packed it up. I made coffee and waited for Sandra and John to come by the campground to help shuttle Alex and I. He went to the hotel and I hiked from where I had left off the trail. Sandra and John brought us breakfast sandwiches and it was delicious! Hmmm bacoooon.



After being dropped off, I knew i had made the right decision… To get on trail again instead of taking a day off like Alex. I felt right where I belong… In the woods.


The section was beautiful, yes it had some wetness to it but at least the sun was shining. I walked to the Oviedo Sport Complex to eat lunch and resupply on water and continued on. The section was pretty, i saw only 3 people and 1 of them said “look, a real hiker”. At least I wasn’t mistaken for a homeless person ha! VICTORY!


I made my way through town via the bike trail which is part of the Florida Trail. It runs behind people’s home  up and under busy streets. The trail crossed a fence where I threw my pack over and crawled under.



I arrived at my pick up point and Sandra shuttled me to my hotel, where Alex had been all day already. Shower and doing laundry feels amazing! We went to get Chinese for dinner and now I’m laying in bed watching an horror movie about being in the backcountry… How fitting!

Here’s to another zero day tomorrow. Happy trails!


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