Day 29 Feb 4th

Day 29
Miles today:  11.5 miles
Miles so far:  469.6 miles
Campsite: FTA volunteer house.

We woke from the backyard of the bar around 630am. I decided to pack away my gear and head for the covered porch out front. The weather forecast had predicted rain since last night but not a single drop had fallen yet. I took no chances and hurried to pack away all my things because they were still dry.


We waited for about 1hr for the store to open and then got coffee. We charged our electronics during that time. Around 830am we made our way back on the trail. Still no rain had come. Tmwe only had 11.5 miles to do as we had planned to stay with Ruth, a FTA volunteer. I discovered her on the Florida Trail app as she was listed as a potential lodging, shuttling and resupply angel. Because it was supposed to rain, we wasted no time in contacting her and seeing if she was available a few days ago.


So here we were, hiking 11.5miles to meet with her. As soon as we arrived at our meeting location, we felt a few rain drops on our heads. Ruth arrived seconds later and then it started to rain. It was perfect timing. We brought us back to her house where we set ourselves up in her cottage on her property. It had everything we needed, beds and a shower. Rainbow and Love it or Leave it were already here. They had spent some time here. She showed even more kindness when she invited us over of dinner. Vegetables stew… Hmmm… I haven’t had fresh vegetables for a long time, 29 days to be exact. I have been eating processed food ever since we started the hike. It was delicious! We sat and chatted for a few hours as the rain came down hard and we remained dry. Good people makes this hike even more interesting and rewarding.

That’s about it for today. We are extremely thankful that Ruth opened her home to us so we can stay dry. Today was a good day. Happy trails!


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