Day 30

Day 30
Miles today:  0 miles
Miles so far:  469.6 miles
Campsite: FTA volunteer house, again.

Today was an unexpected zero. I have been waiting for a package to be delivered to the 88 store. It wasn’t there when we spent the night due to a snowstorm back in Wisconsin that had delayed shipping. I got confirmation that it had been delivered around 4pm.


I soaked up the sun at Ruth’s house on this chilly day. I planned my next 2 weeks on the trail… We all know the plans will thrown away once I hit the trail again.


We said farwell to the boys. They may be going to St. Augustine to visit and watch the superbowl. I’ll be happy back on the trail doing the thing I love, hiking. We went to Salt Spring to get some supplies as I was uncertain if my package was going to ever be delivered. Thankfully it was. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those delicious cookies that Betty baked for me. I shared them with Ruth but I have a strong feeling I won’t be sharing once I hit the trail tomorrow ha. Surprised that there is even some cookies left.

The thru-hike hasn’t made me overly hungry, it has been nearly a month and that deep thru-hiker hunger hasn’t set in… Yet. I am sure it will happen, and when it does, you better be out of my way at the buffet line.


After the storm last night, temps has definitely lowered and makes for chilly nights. I heard more wet trail ahead is waiting for me. Oh, the joy… I have been blessed with the trail in the Ocala section. Why can’t the FT x10 Ocala National Forest with a swamp and a beach at its ends? I tip my hat to the local chapter for all the trail maintenance. It is a very pleasant section.

It’s bed time, and I’m about to dream of cookies… Happy crumbs, I mean trails!


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