52 – Oh Happy Day!

Day 52
Miles today: 21 miles
Miles so far: 957.4 miles
Campsite: Stealth Campsite

Oh boy! Today was a fabulous day! Why?! Because I felt great! Haha who knew an actual day off would improve my hiking. It did! I had been doing neros or lower mileage days but still felt tired and sore after an easy 15miler so it didn’t make sense. I took a day off and zoomed thru a 21 mile day and wanted to keep going! That’s a wonderful feeling.


Before we got started, I found the card and $10 that a lady had given us a few days ago of which I had given to Joey. He tried sneaking it back into my backpack. We decided to leave the card and money in the motel room for a maid. That was us, paying it forward in a way. We started at 630am on the road walk out of Ebro. After 5 miles we stopped for breakfast at Bruce Café. It broke up the road walk nicely. After another 5 or so miles we were back in the woods. Awww yeah!


The trail was beautiful and easy going. It was a pine farm and the trees were neatly in rows. It made for easy hiking. I took many breaks as by 1pm I was 3 miles short of my designated campsite. I was at it at 2pm and decided to continue hiking. Found a good spot and decided to camp there. I can’t go to slow nor can I go to fast as I purchased my bus ticket home for March 6th. I have to stick to a schedule to insure I get there on time.

Joey and I FINALLY stopped hiking together. Haha! He had wrote in a trail register that he was stuck with me in Ebro yesterday. I gave him crap for that. Ha! 🙂 He has a different departure date and will be doing close to 30miles days to arrive on time of which I am not interested in doing so we parted ways. I wish him luck in all of his future travels. I know he is reading this blog when he gets bored. Ha!


Sunsets are always pretty colorful here in Florida. That’s one thing you can count on, a beautiful sunset. Dry feet? Not so much haha but thank goodness, today has been dry. Explains why I am in such of good mood!


Tomorrow I enter Eglin airforce base. I have all the permits needed, thanks to Denali! I couldn’t of done it without her… Literally. Such a wonderful thing to offer to drive to a military base often to get hikers permits in order to not break any law. I was very worried about that, honestly. Now I can hike without worrying of trespassing.

In other happy news, I washed my socks, yesterday, in the sink. Not that’s it is new information but the fact that my gross stinky socks have lost their stench. Bonus, they’re not even rock solid dirty. Score! Let me tell ya, it’s been a great day. I’m all smiles because of it. Happy trails fellow travelers!



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