Day 51 – Ebro

Day 51
Miles today: 2.5 miles
Miles so far: 936.9 miles
Campsite: Ebro Motel

We had to “sleep in” because we couldn’t arrive at the Motel at 7am… Well, we were all awake by 6am and done packing by 630… We tried being slow but when you’re used to a specific schedule, I guess it’s hard to break it. We ended up at the motel at 745am! Ha!


The office was closed OBVIOUSLY. So we sat on front of the motel on chairs. I went thru Facebook and Joey finished his crappy book. We had an exciting morning as you can see. I finally got coffee from the gas station next done… Have done that in a long time! I sipped it pretty fast back on front of the motel. Although you know what they said… Coffee makes you poop so I had to go pretty bad but the office was yet open for us to get a room. I heard a noise in the office so I knocked, I asked about a room, he was full still as no one had checked out nor the rooms were cleaned yet. SHOOT, I thought. … Wait. No. He looked at his chart, 1 room was left from last night. Hourray!! This place is very hiker friendly and even gave us a 10% discount.

I showered, yay, and did “laundry” in the sink. Yum. I can’t wait for a real washer and dryer. Nothing cleans nasty socks quite like the real thing. As to not stink up the room, we dried our socks outside. Hopefully no one will steal dirty hiker socks. Mouhahah!


We had dinner at the Ebro Greyhound Race track which is, thankfully, closed in Winter. I am not a fan of animal races. Food was alright and priced right as well. Sadly, I was looking forward to the AYCE prime ribs and crab legs dinner but it is not offered in winter. Boooo!


Now were back at the motel room. Yep. Pretty boring day for you but it was awesome for me. My legs have rested enough that I’m ready to get back at it tomorrow! Can’t wait!!! This is my last zero. WHOAH!! I am almost done with this trail. Time has gone so quickly. Despite the few yellow blazing miles I’ve done, I am so excited about how far I’ve come so far! Whew knew I could hike this far!? Certainly not me. Ha! It’s the home stretch now! Happy trail!



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