Day 48 – The Florida Trail/Road

Day 48
Miles today: 19.8 miles
Miles so far: 891.7 miles
Campsite: Stealth Campsite

We changed timezone! We’re back in central time and woke at 5am (our 6am normally) the cabin was pitch black and rain could be heard on the tin roof.


Since we were up earlier, we got on trail around 640am. By trail, I really mean the road walk. Yes. Today was another long roadwalk. We did go in the woods for 3ish miles, thankfully. Just as we had to make a decision if we we’re going to do the high water route or the trail we found a gas station. It was not label on our maps but it was a nice sight. We chatted outside about ou option when a man parked and went in, 2 dogs were following him and stayed outside. A black lab and a pitbull. They were soaked and full of loving. They wanted to be pet and played with. They jumped to get our attention and were quite adorable. They walked away shortly after. The man then came back out, told us a bad storm was coming and went into his car and drove away… Wait! Wasn’t those dogs his? We just assumed and we wrong. We were petting some strays who had just slobbered all of my short, shirt and pack. Yum!



The short amount of trail we got today was nice. Too bad there wasn’t more of it. By 2pm we had hiked 16miles and shopped at a Baptist Church to rest our feet at their outdoor picnic table. A man came out and introduced himself as the pastor, his name was Forrest Parker. From Wisconsin! He told us we were welcome to camp out back. It was tempting and was my original thought but it was too early and I had a few more miles in me. We thanked him and were on our way.


After 3 miles, we searched for stealth campsites off the road in the woods. Basically stealth camping, like today, is find a wooded area that is not marked “posted, no trespassing, etc…” and try to get far enough of the road to not be seen. It makes me feel better to do that with another hiker than by myself. The piece of wood we found was for sale and had no houses nearby so in we went. Uneven ground and bushy but we managed to find a few somewhat flat spot. The storm should last all night. Hope it doesn’t flood here!

We got dumped on with the occasional downpour while walking today but we remained mostly dry. Thanks to my rain and sun umbrella. Boy oh boy, I am so looking forward to an official zero.


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