Day 54

Day 54
Miles today: 11.4 miles
Miles so far: 996.3 miles
Campsite: Red Deer Campsite

Well that was a short day… Since I had to hike farther yesterday due to the re route I ended up with a short day. I am not complaining. It feels nice but it’s not sunny enough for me to tan my cheeks.
Ha 🙂


I woke around 5ish but didn’t leave camp until 7am. I knew it was going to be a short day and didn’t want to arrive at 9am either. I took my time, took a few breaks and filtered lots of water. The trail itself was nice today, pretty flat and a few creek crossing with bridges. Yay! The base seems to be open on the east side where I am but it is forecasted to be closed when I get back on the west side after Crestview. Not sure what I’ll do yet… We’ll see. 🙂


I just relaxed in my tent all afternoon. I would of layed out but the pine trees were dropping little white worms all over. Soooo decided to set up camp and lay there. Bug free. They say bored people eat a lot more and I must say it is true. I ate an entire sleeve of saltine crackers while laying on my back looking at the sky. Too bad the next campsite is too far for my liking. Maybe tomorrow it will be an extra early morning of hiking.

Happy trails!





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