Day 55 – Reunion

Day 55
Miles today: 16.7 miles
Miles so far: 1013.1 miles
Campsite: Pearls Campsite

I had jets flying over my head all last night. I am currently hiking on the Eglin Airforce base and it was to be expected but I didn’t expect at night.


This morning was a foggy one. It felt as if it was raining on my tent. I didn’t feel like getting up but had to get some miles before it got hot. So I left by 620am. It was trail hiking all day long which felt absolutely great. Spiders seems to be overly active at night. Hiking solo means you walk into webs a lot. I apologized each time I walked into one, hoping someday the spiders won’t get me. Spiders are the number one bug that gets to me. Eeeww. It was annoying because the webs tickles your face, arms and neck. I saw an overhead web and played limbo under it hoping I got some spiders blessing. Ha!


Saw a few markers that were waaaay up there. Why?!

I walked by a trail runner and day hiker and his 2 dogs. I arrived to camp by 130pm and sat around.

There was dark clouds coming so I made dinner, shrimp ramen noodles. I know, I am living the high life here in Florida. Let me tell you, a home cooked meal that isn’t fried chicken and pizza will feel amazing when I get home. I would do anything for a garden tomato sandwich.


After an hour, I heard some noise. I looked back and here was FrontPage, Handlebar and Alex was walking into my camp. I guess I’m not solo anymore. We seemed to have the same schedule for the end of the trail.


Currently, the base is setting off some bombs or artillery off in the distance. We can hear occasional “thunder” like noise. Not to mention that the interstate 10 is right next door. This is a good wilderness experience, let me tell you. Ha!


The next few days will be on 100% road. Which means about 50miles. I am not looking forward to that whatsoever. I was supposed to go back onto Eglin west but the base has closure for training and mission… And those closures happens to be where our trail goes right through. Huge bummer!!

I kept my feet dry today! I am so happy!! Hopefully I will get some solo time again, nice to have some folks to chat with but I enjoy my solo experience. I’ve been listening to This American Life and some of my audiobooks. I enjoy knocking the miles easily while listening to something. Makes for a pleasant walk in the woods. Happy trails!





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