Day 57 – Death to the road walk

Day 57
Miles today: 7 miles
Miles so far: 1070.6 miles
Campsite: Days Inn Hotel

I was ready to hike the last of the road walk for this trail today. Only 15 miles left! I left around 530am and walked 7miles until Monkey and Snoopi pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. I said “heck yeah”!  I had been walking along on SR 87, a 55 mph road again. They picked me up and dropped me in Navarre. Thank goodness, as much as i was ready to walk it, I didn’t want to.


Since I ended up in town early in the morning, I decided to have coffee somewhere. Almost got McDonald’s but saw there was a little local coffee shop and opted for that. Boy, did I do the right thing! First and foremost, they had wonderful coffee! Secondly, the owner and workers thought it was cool I was hiking that they offered me the coffee for free. Wow, how cool! They knew I wasn’t homeless and still wanted to offered me something. Cool! I went and sat in their quaint little dining room and the server came back with a menu, despite me refusing breakfast at first. He informed me that I could pick whatever I wanted off the menu and it was on the house. Whoa!! The generosity! They wanted me to take a picture with the whole staff to post on their social media. Neat! I was a sort “celebrity” just for going on a walk. Pretty awesome!



After my overwhelming amount of kindness, I made my way to the hotel. The front desk lady was nice and gave me extra shampoo, conditioner and laundry soap. Not because she thought I was a homeless but because I had given her my whole speech about the trail. That’s great customer service.

We reunited with Snoopi and Monkey and went to a local restaurant. It wasn’t the greatest sport bar but it had leinies Vanilla Porter so I was pretty stoked. Haven’t had a good beer in 2 months!


After dinner, Snoopi, Monkey and I headed to a local ice cream place. I got the “garbage can” ice cream flavor. Vanilla ice cream with tons of different chocolate candy chunks in it. It was delicious!! And I was stuffed. It was nice seeing them again and they had helped us a ton with shuttling passed the nasty road walk. Without their helped, I would of still been walking on a road somewhere in Florida. I can hear myself say “shoot me now”. Everything happened for a reason and I am extremely happy of the outcome.

Tomorrow I head out for my last 2 days on the trail. Still have to walk some concrete walking tomorrow but it will be on a beach by the Gulf of Mexico. I can’t complain about that too much. It will finally be scenic!! Now I am going to bed, with a belly fill with ice cream. Happy trail!



3 thoughts on “Day 57 – Death to the road walk

  1. Robert Valentine says:

    You’re a brave lady to even try. Road walking is just to dangerous. I’m thinking tomorrow is your last day of hiking. I’ve enjoyed your writing And was wondering what is your next adventure?

    F. A. L.

    Sent from my iPad



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