And so it begins…

Whoah. I am homeless now. I’m a vagabond, a gypsy, a wanderer, a traveler… and I am damn happy about it! 


Our Departure Photo

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.” – E.F. Schumacher.

Bryan and I were living in a house, going backpacking as often as we could, taking vacation days to travel and explore new places. It started with Bryan having this idea of living by himself in a class B van even before we met… then one day I said let’s do it! And here we are today… We have left the house behind and moved all our belongings (mostly backpacking gear) into the travel trailer in search of new adventures.

Our plan so far is to get to Denver by April 10th and leave in the Fall to head to California. Hopefully I will be able to thru-hike the Colorado Trail in September. Bryan will work from home every weekdays, we will have to be stationary so he can get his work done. We’ll be moving on the weekend when we feel the need to see something new. As for me, I will search for graphic design contracts to fund my homelessness.

Day 1
Started the day with pulling out of our driveway and running over the curb! OOPS! That’s one way go to get our journey started… Half way through our day, it began to rain and then poured making difficult to see the road with our wipers going at full speed. While we were contemplating stopping, one of the wiper came loose and went crazy. We had 2 miles left to the next exit and I slowed down and wiped as needed as I didn’t want it to fly away and be missing a wiper. We stopped at a truck stop and had lunch there. We stayed the night at the Wapsipinicon State Park in Iowa. This whole journey will be about learning and making the best out of every situation. There should be a sign on the back of the trailer “Caution, Crazy Canadian driving this thing!”.

truck 1

Iowa State Park

Day 2
There was warnings of strong winds and we got off the major highway to be able to drive slower. We had a few scary moments when strong winds pushed us around a bit. We stopped to gas up and the gas station awning seemed to be on the verge of falling off so we quickly topped off and drove away. I am driving slower while pulling the trailer. One thing’s for sure, I won’t be getting a ticket for speeding while towing! We made it safely to our free “campsite” for the night. Cabelas is amongst many large chains that allow overnight parking for RVs and trucks. We went to bed with only a few semis around but when we woke up, a lot more RVs had joined us. Cabelas even had dog kennels, horse corrals, and potable water hose. It was the ideal free quick stop next to I-80.


Free “campsite”

Day 3
We left bright and early on Sunday. The entire day was spent driving on I-80. There was no wind and the interstate was quiet in the morning, perfect for a newbie like me. The day was great until we saw a flock of turkeys on the side of the road and one decided to take flight. We ended up hitting the bird with our side mirror. It broke the mirror but thankfully did not hit our windshield and our glass remained intact. Although, upon inspection at a rest area, there was lots of bird bits on the trailer. Yuck! We’ll also need to figure out our hitch situation. There’s a lot of creaking going on!


Assessing the bird damage

We finally arrived at the campground, it was deserted. The campground is located on a working farm which give an interesting view. A few hours later, the owner’s wife came out to greet us, introduced a resident cat named Bob and gave us fresh farm eggs. She mentioned that we could ride our bikes to their other piece of land where there was calves if I was interested… OF COURSE I WAS! That’s an adventure for another day though. I don’t have anything to do all week, so I will be exploring the area on my bike. The oregon trail is super close as well. Hopefully we don’t die of dysentery!! haha We are staying here until Saturday. Looking forward to check out the farm and the area. Bryan will be biking to Colorado tomorrow… 4 miles away!


Farm equipment and cows


Bob making sure we’re saving a steak for him



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