One week on the road…

We made it to our summer destination: Denver, Colorado. Of course it wasn’t without a bump as most adventures tends to be. So here’s a little recap of our first week. 

As posted in my previous post, our drive through Nebraska was a bumpy one. From strong wings to a wild turkey ripping off our side mirror, we managed to make it to McGreer Camp Park.

The whole week at the park was uneventful and great to us. Bryan worked all week while I did… not much. I mainly looked for employment in Denver, surfed the internet and walked a bit. I did have an interview on Friday via Skype. Bryan had to work from the SUV so I could get some privacy during my interview. Minutes before, the owner of the RV park stopped by to let us know that they were leaving for the weekend and gave us the go ahead to get more eggs from the chicken coop. It was also great to be able to bike to the town of Big Spring, NE… Population of 300. The town was very small but had a grocery store, library, coffeehouse, post office and a gas station. Which is basically all you need. We explored the few streets on our bikes and headed back to the farm.


Hanging with the chicks

Thinking ahead for our future boondocking experiences (also called dry camping) we decided to buy a washing “plunger”. You can find the breathing mobile wash on Amazon. It helps doing laundry when we have no hookups. I tested it this week and hung our clothes out to dry. It worked pretty well but definitely would need access to enough water to wash and rinse our clothes. It reminded me of how I used to wash my clothes in motel sinks when I was thru-hiking the Florida Trail… haha!

Definition of dry camp or boondocking

  1. :  a camp made where there is no source of water or electricity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.39.29 PM.png

Bob, the resident cat, laughs as I do my laundry in a bucket.

The drive to Colorado was a smooth one until the front axle of our truck started making this awful grinding noise. YIKES! As soon as we got to Denver we called a Ford dealer so they can look at the problem first thing on Monday. Hoping it’s nothing major… but at least we can get the mirror fixed while we’re there too.



When we arrived at the Flying Saucer RV Park (Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is) they were full and gave us a list of other RV park numbers to call for availability. As we were making our calls in the truck, the resident manager walked up and asked if we had a dog. We did not so she invited us inside the office. This RV park does not take reservation and they were able to give us a tight trailer spot. Not sure as to why they told us they were full to begin with… Oh well, we have a spot for this month and we’re happy.

We parked the trailer, hooked everything up and headed out for dinner. We walked on the bike path right behind our RV park. This town has so many biking trails it’s crazy awesome! Hope to start acclimating soon and be able to explore the city on our bikes.

Bryan’s thoughts after our first week was, and I quote: “It was great” -Bryan. So there, you have it, our first week was simple, fun and we look forward to exploring the city of Denver.


Next week, we’re going backpacking in the mountains and we are SOOOOO excited. Stay tuned for that post, it’s going to be awesome! 


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