Life in Denver, Colorado.

IT’S SUNNY, WARM AND AWESOME. All caps for a more dramatic effect, did it work? It’s hump day and we’ve been living here since Saturday. Remember that grinding noise I mentioned in the last entry? I took the vehicle to a Ford dealership to get it inspected and apparently our rear left wheel bearing was wobbling. That wasn’t good! We got it fixed and finally got the truck back after 2 days in the shop. I needed it terribly because I had a job interview this morning and I got the car back 12hrs later and with only with 45min to spare to find my interview location and get ready by sweating buckets. 

Yesterday, I spent the entire day going around the neighborhood on my bike.There are a lot of shopping and dining options near us which is great. Did some grocery shopping with my panniers and even stopped at a Super Target (WOW those things are HUGE!) for a cute new ceramic mug so I can “bake” little mug cakes in them. I can’t live without sweets! Beside, all that biking got me hungry… for cake.


Our site is perfect size, while our neighbors are close, there are enough room for us to get in and out without feeling on top of each others. Most people here are working folks who took up a job in the area and have been living here for a long time (yes, and all winter too!). We have an adorable blossom tree behind our trailer but most of its delicate petals have already fallen on the ground. The massive tree next to our trailer is a squirrel condominium and must host a dozen of them. We hear them dropping things on our roof at all hours of the night.

OH. Haven’t I told you about my interview? I got it! *Does a little dance* I will be a production designer at the Integer Group, here in Denver. This is a 3 months onsite contract which means we have to be in Denver for at least 3 months but that was the plan anyway…  Eventually I will work harder to find a remote position that I can work from home which would give me the ability to travel anywhere, anytime. Anyway, I’m pretty darn happy so Bryan and I are going to go celebrate with a few brews! Cheers!




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