Traveling SOLO

Traveling solo doesn’t mean it is unsafe or boring. It means that you have that much more freedom! Don’t get me wrong, I love having a friend for company while traveling but the solo experience is entirely different: in a good way and here’s why…


Do What You Want

You are out in the world with no social pressure from your peer. Not feeling like visiting this old creepy doll museum? You don’t have to! There’s no fuss about where/what you’ll eat, you always go where you want. A slice of pie every night? You betcha! (if that’s your thing) You get the point; traveling solo means you can start and stop whenever you feel like it.



As a solo female traveler, or any travelers for that matter, always proceed on the side of caution if you don’t feel comfortable with someone. Don’t divulge private information such as your exact itinerary when meeting someone for the first time. Many times I’ve hitchhiked and provided fake information about my whereabouts and traveling alone. Be ‘street smart’ and it should be alright.


Never Truly Alone

You definitely will meet people wherever you go. Whether you’re RVing across the country or thru-hiking from Mexico to Canada, you will always make a connection with someone. Embrace an open mind and be ready to have great conversations! On my thru-hike of the Florida Trail in January of 2016, many folks were surprised I was doing it alone. *gasp* ‘a women hiking Florida alone?!?!’ But the truth is that I crossed path with many hikers and for two months, we were playing this leap-frog game. Almost every other day, I would be meeting with someone. I was never truly alone and always had support from strangers when I needed it the most. (Thank you guys! you know who you are ❤ )


Incredible Friendships

Being alone opens up your mind. You will develop friendships that will be stronger than some. You will form a sort of vagabond family with strangers and it will be amazing. Be open to different opinions and cultures and things will go smoothly. The people you will meet will often want to show you around, introduce you to their friends, make you eat their famous recipe etc… One spark can have a great chain reaction on your travels, in a good way!


Need Help Meeting People?

I get it, sometime being completely new to a place can be overwhelming. Try signing up for meetups on Search on Craigslist for groups that shares the same hobbies or join a few Facebook groups and start chatting. Always meet in a public place and start enjoying yourself!


Being Bored

“I’m ‘bored’ is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of.”
– Louis C. K.

Louis C. K. knows what’s up! There are so many things to see, do, and explore that there is no way you could be bored. It’s all out there waiting for you. Go explore the world solo and make new connections.


Travel Often. Live Happy.


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