Next steps…

This is meant as an update about our travels.

Traveling full-time is exciting but looking for contract work can be hard. I was super fortunate to find a position in Denver within a week of arriving to town but Phoenix has proven to be a bit more difficult. We decided to give it a one month trial to see if if I could get a contract job in the area and so far, I haven’t gotten any luck. Mind you the first week we were here, I was prancing around solo in the backcountry… If by the end of the first week of October I don’t find an opportunity here, we will move elsewhere. That’s the beauty of our lifestyle; we can settle anywhere!

Now, the question is… where do we go? We could go to San Diego/LA area for the winter or head straight to Texas. Oh so many choices!! it’s killing me. Our goal is to remain above freezing all year long. So where do you think would be a good location? Let’s hear it!



4 thoughts on “Next steps…

  1. Jeff says:

    Hi, I would really like to hear the differences you have between Texas and San Diego . San Diego is really a great city and you would need to look at the hill country [Austin] of Texas to compare. Texas can be tough in the winter months … Before you leave Phoenix, check out the large insurance companies for contract work. Best of luck, Jeff


    • Melanie Levesque says:

      California is somewhere I’ve never been and it would be interesting to go there. We are flying out of LA in December for a trip to New Zealand. The job market for San Diego, LA, San Francisco is definitely better than Phoenix, although many companies have told me I needed to already be in town to be considered for a position, sadly.

      As far as Texas, the more south we go, the farther we stay away from freezing temperatures. So Houston and Austin is a possibility. Dallas has some remote opportunities but again, I need to be in town to be considered. We plan on coming back to Wisconsin to sell the house in April and if we were in Texas, our drive time would be much shorter versus being on the coast.

      I’ll take a look at the insurance companies, see where that brings me 🙂 Thanks!!


  2. Bob Valentine says:

    There is Florida, which you hiked under water but there are hundreds of SWIFTMUD areas to camp that are free. Green Swamp is my favorite and there’s always work out of Tampa.

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