Tiny Home Tuesday: Kitchen Edition

The kitchen, where delicious foods make their way into our bellies. (And lot’s ‘o rum too!)

We may not have the counter space every home owner dreams of but it is ours and it’s more than we dreamed of. The essentials are there; a sink and a stove. We even have a microwave! I thought we’d use it more but it has become another storage area.

We cut a cutting board in half so they fit perfectly in between the sink and the stove. We make things fit and we adjust our workflow. Having a smaller area and fridge gives us the opportunity to purchase fresh produce almost daily.

The cupboards above the sink are where we store our dry food, cups, mugs and, frying pan. The storage below the sink is used for our plates, bowls and cooking pot along with some cleaning supplies on the very bottom shelf. If we ever need more space, the kitchen table becomes extra counter while we prep dinner.

A bonus to have a tiny kitchen is that cooking bacon makes the whole house smells like heaven. Come on over, we’ll make you pancakes one of these days…



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