Tiny House Tuesday: Our Desk Edition!

Finding enough elbow room was challenging in our house, imagine trying to fit our work desks and gadgets in there too! Bryan was fortunate enough to have the ability to work remotely with his company in the Midwest.

From 6am-230pm, you will find him working at our kitchen dinette to follow Central Time work schedule. The dinette is large enough to hold his monitors and isn’t too far from a regular workstation that you would find at any company. Now he has a 180° view from his office chair and no other distractions, beside me of course.

As for me, I typically work onsite where a workstation is provided. On occasion, I receive freelance work that I do after a typical work day which allows me to use the dinette. When the need arise for us to work at the same time within our trailer, we can whip out the extra table outside or work on our bed. We just adjust accordingly. It has worked great thus far – who wouldn’t enjoy a new office view every few weeks?

Have questions on our set-up or how we manage workarounds such a minimal space? Ask away 🙂


Typical Work Day at our (tiny)household



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