Cost of my Florida Trail Thru-hike

The numbers are in! Actually, they’ve been in for a while as it’s been almost a year since I’ve done the trail… OOPS! The numbers below have been pulled from my bank statement so it is everything I spend on while on trail along with some pre-hike purchases.

Note: While I could of definitely have done it on the cheaper side, I enjoyed my time and don’t regret spending this amount. 

Grand Total of: $3,315.00 for 2 months of thru-hiking. 

Transportation (Before and After the trail from Wisconsin)
To Florida: Bus from Green Bay-Chicago. Plane from Chicago-Miami.
Return: Bus from Pensacola to Green Bay.

Many of these were shared with another hiker. My zeros/neros were in Seminole Reservation, Clewiston, Grape Hammock Fish Camp, Lake Mills Campground, Lake Mary, St. Marks & Ebro. 

Resupply (Includes restaurant, trail resupply food, beers, pizzas, AYCE, cake, etc…)
A few bucks here and there does add up. Although these were mainly resupplies from gas stations and they don’t always come cheap in comparison to buying in bulk at a grocery store. I did send myself 3 resupply box along the way. The price above includes my pre-hike purchases and shipping cost for these as well.

Misc. (Includes trail association membership, maps, apps and gear upgrade.)
I did buy the $50 Florida trail association membership as well as their $99 maps.
I also purchase the $18.95 FT guidebook and $34.99 app (which I relied solely on while on the trail, I highly suggest both of them if you’re planning on hiking any section of the trail.) The rest of the money went into small entrance or campground fees. I also bought new gear such as a down quilt ($280), ultralight shoes ($100), awesome FT Kick-off Tshirt ($20) and etc… which set me back a few hundreds of dollars.


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