Houston, We have a problem…

Okay, I lied. There isn’t a problem but I wanted to tease you with our next RV location: Houston, Texas! YEEEEE-HAW! Got a favorite place in the area? Let us know! Looking forward to some lip-smacking BBQ!

That’s right! Bryan and I are packing up shop in 3 weeks and heading to Houston. Why? My current contract got extended to January but got cut short, unfortunately, after learning I needed to take 3 weeks off during Christmas for our upcoming New Zealand trip. They couldn’t do that as they need someone to help out during that time. Sad I’ll be leaving another fun job and all the puppies there but this was just another chapter of our adventure. We must go on and write a new one!

When we arrived here back in October, the temps were in the 100s. Now the overnight lows are in the high 30s or low 40s. Brrrr! Our 19ft sardine can isn’t really insulated well but thankfully, it doesn’t cost too much to heat it. It’s warm socks and sweater weather! We’ll be looking at a small electric heater we can use during the day as our next campground will have electricity included. Can anyone recommend us a small, portable heater?

In our time here, we’ve visited the Grand Canyon NP, Death Valley NP, Joshua Tree NP, Petrified Forest NP, visited Las Vegas & Hoover Dam, hiked sections of the Arizona Trail, climbed the highest peak of the state, enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal in the backcountry, spent some time Paddle boarding with Bryan’s BFF, seen migrating tarantulas (EEEK)  and all the other cool stuff we’ve done here. There are still so much to explore here but we’ll be back.

We’re wrapping up our time here and getting ready for New Zealand and Texas. On a forever quest to adventuring!


One of the many National Park we spent time at. ❤


Camping out with Bryan’s BFF.


Some Grand Canyon fun!


Joshua Tree National Park


Thanksgiving on the AZT. 


One of the many dogs at the PetSmart Home Office. 







7 thoughts on “Houston, We have a problem…

  1. Keng says:

    Hi. Just stumbled into your blog via your Death Valley NP post on Instagram. A very neat blog. We love traveling in the west and have recently been full-time RVers. I’ll be following your adventure along.


    • Melanie Levesque says:

      Thanks! We recently started as well last April and we really enjoy it. The West has been beautiful and we will come back next year to explore a lot more of it but this year, our itinerary takes us to Texas for the winter. Do you have a blog as well?


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