First day of Winter in the South.

Happy Winter solstice! It is currently 72 degrees here in Houston and quite sunny. Don’t be fooled, two days ago we were freezing our butts off!

We left Phoenix without looking at the overnight temps. Oops! We got a few cold surprises overnight. It took us 3 days to make our way to Houston. We typically do not stay in campgrounds during our move and often find free and convenient places to park for the night. This allows us to be flexible with our driving schedule. Depending on the road and weather conditions, we can decide if it’s safe to continue driving or if we should stop. *Knock on wood* we never had a major issue with our trailer or vehicle while towing. Let’s hope it stays that way.


Las Cruces, New Mexico. Don’t let the sunny day fool you. It was cold!

On Tuesday, literally powerless, we ran around town looking for a new cable only to learn that our electric problem was not the cable, nor the pedestal but our trailer connector itself! We carefully removed it out of the wall and noticed that one of the wires was burnt and disconnected! This could of been bad! Bryan cleaned it out, and reconnected it all, and just like that, we had power again! Crazy how were so dependent on this little thing called electricity for everything.

We met our neighbors, a couple from Missouri who has been on the road for 6 years working construction jobs in the oil and gas industry. We also met the longterm residents here: ducks!


Our new neighbors.

We’re heading out tomorrow for New Zealand and we’re pretty excited. Bryan had his last day of work before the holidays and we’re packing for our trip. It’s very surreal that we’re less than a week away from Christmas and it’s currently 72 degrees! We’re not complaining but hopefully folks back in the Midwest are staying nice and toasty. If you need a vacation from the cold, we’ll be in the south all winter. Come visit! ❤


Free campsites doesn’t have to be in a Walmart parking lot!




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