Departure & Arrival Checklist

Whenever we travel somewhere, we have a checklist to go over prior to departure and upon arrival. This insure we are not driving down the highway and have something go wrong on the way and everything is secured.

Departure Checklist

  1. Before Leaving
    1. Clean Grill
      • Clean grill to allow it to be moved and stored without creating a mess.
    2. Empty Black tanks
      • Self explanatory.
  2. Inside Trailer
    1. Monitor
      • Secure our extra monitor.
    2. Loose items
      • Put away items so that they will not move when the trailer is in motion.
      • This includes: Toilet paper, hand soap, jar or utensils, toaster on the counter, weather display, and any loose items you see on the counters.
    3. Weather Sensor
      • Grab weather sensor on top of wheel (Allows us to get outside temp)
    4. Cell Booster
      • If in use, bring inside.
    5. Water Pump
      • Make sure the water pump is off.
    6. Water Heater
      • Make sure the water heater is off.
    7. Interior Windows
      • Make sure all interior windows are closed.
    8. Refrigerator
      • Make sure the fridge is latched, and it is off.
    9. Bikes
      • Put bikes in vehicle.
    10. Lock door
      • Once done inside, go ahead and exit and lock the door.
  3. Outside Trailer
    1. Wheel Covers
      • Remove and store.
    2. Awning
      • Securely connect the awning hooks.
    3. LP Gas
      • Make sure the LP gas tanks are off. 
    4. Electricity
      • Disconnect electrical cable and store.
    5. Water
      • Disconnect the hose and water filter and store.
    6. Sewer
      • If in use, disconnect hose and place in trash bag and store.
    7. Windows
      • Visually inspect all the outside windows and make sure they’re closed.
    8. Top of Trailer
      • Make sure nothing is on top of the trailer (like booster antenna).
    9. Stove Vent
      • Make sure the stove vent is closed and latched.
    10. Stabilizers
      • Bring up stabilizers.
  4. Towing
    1. Trailer Hitch
      • Mount hitch on Expedition.
    2. Close Latch
      • Slide latch forward. Secure with pin.
    3. Sway Bars
      • Install sway bars. Secure with pins.
    4. Chains
      • Mount chains to hitch.
    5. Trailer Brake
      • Connect trailer brake
    6. Emergency Brake
      • Disconnect, loop through hitch and reconnect.
    7. Tow Mount Blocks
      • Grab tow mount blocks and store.
    8. Chock Blocks
      • Pull trailer chock blocks and store.
    9. Leveling Blocks
      • If used, removed and store.
    10. Inspect Under Trailer
      • Inspect under trailer and make sure everything is clear.
    11. Lights Check
      • Check brake light and turn signals/four ways

By the time all this is done, we have a strong coffee mug in hand and ready to get some miles in!  

Below is what we do when we arrive at our campsite: the arrival checklist. 

Arrival Checklist

  1. Trailer
    1. Position trailer
      • Position trailer on designated site
    2. Leveling Blocks
      • If needed
    3. Chock Blocks
      • Place chock blocks.
  2. Towing
    1. Emergency Brake
      • Disconnect.
    2. Trailer Brake
      • Disconnect trailer brake
    3. Chains
      • Disconnect chains and store on tow mount
    4. Sway Bars
      • Remove sway bars.
    5. Open Latch
      • Lift both sides and slide latch back
    6. Tow Mount Blocks
      • Place two mount blocks under tow mount.
    7. Lower Tow Mount
      • Lower to insure overall trailer is level
  1. Outside Trailer
    1. Stabilizers
      • Bring down stabilizers.
    2. Stove Vent
      • Open stove vent
    3. Sewer
      • If available, install sewer hose.
    4. Water
      • Connect hose and water filter.
    5. Electricity
      • Connect electrical cable.
    6. LP Gas
      • Turn on gas.
  2. Insider Trailer
    1. Bikes
      • Remove bikes
    2. Refrigerator
      • Turn on fridge
    3. Water Heater
      • Turn on water heater
    4. Water Pump
      • If needed, turn on water pump
    5. Cell Booster
      • If needed, install cell booster
    6. Place all loose objects back on the counter

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