Cutting off the last ties…

Thought I’d check in with all of you. We’re back in Green Bay until Memorial Weekend to prep the house to sell and get rid of the final items we didn’t take with when we set off on this journey last year. We had kept the house and extra vehicle as a fall back plan in the event this lifestyle was not suited for us and had to return. Our year experiment totally went so well, we’re cutting our last remaining ties!

We’re very much missing the life on the road but it’s good to finish things up here. Being back at the house feels a bit odd; there’s too much room! Although, I have been enjoying the amount of counter space in the kitchen when I cook… or a washer and dryer that is dedicated to us and always available!

The drive from Phoenix to Green Bay went well but now the Expedition, our tow vehicle, is having all sorts of mechanical problems with the wheel bearings and other things… Glad we’re not on the move and can easily get these things taken care of. We’ll also have our travel trailer looked at in two weeks to give it a once over for safety before leaving again. Who doesn’t like things to run smoothly?

There hasn’t been much exploring since we got to Green Bay. Mainly because we’re task focused with getting the house ready and catching up with local friends (and drinking some local beers!).


Our favorite bloody mary bar in Green Bay – RumRunners.

On Memorial Weekend, we’ll head west again to Denver as I renewed my contract with The Integer Group and will start work on June 1st. Why Denver again? Because we had a fantastic time there and there is still a lot of explore (Backpacking on the Colorado Trail anyone?) Although moving back there is part of our big 2018 plan, which we’ll let you in on the secret when the time is right. Looking forward to that fresh mountain air and 14,000ft peaks!







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