What a weekend!

It’s Monday and what a crazy weekend we just had. I could take a nap already.

Friday evening we drove to a Ford dealership to take a look at cargo van. The plan was to test drive it, think about it some more and continue our search. We’ve been toying with the idea of converting a van and were looking at different make and models.

Once at the dealership, our sales guy told us the car we had seen online and wanted to test drive was no longer available but that he’d give us ‘a stupid crazy deal‘ on another van. We wondered how ‘crazy stupid’ he would go…

Well… the deal was a good deal and we couldn’t pass it up so at 9PM on a Friday evening, we were signing the paperwork for this new van and traded in our Expedition. We drove home, hella giddy, and spent a few hours hanging out in the back of the van talking about layout and future plans.

We had to go back to the dealership on Saturday to give them the Expedition’s title. Once that was done, we decided to stop at our old RV park and asked the manager if they had a spot for us… and they did! THE VERY NEXT DAY. It was a situation where if we didn’t agree to it right away, we’d lose the spot. Know that there are few RV Parks in Denver and because of a recent hail storm, most of them are completely booked with no availability until September!!! Our RV park in Idaho Spring was full and we had to leave by July 5th and there was so much uncertainty.  You can imagine that when we were presented with this option, we couldn’t say no!

One hiccup though, the new van didn’t have a hitch receiver installed yet… how would we tow the trailer back? We couldn’t get it installed this quickly, we had a few ideas but we ended up calling the dealership back, explained the pickle we were in and they let us borrow our expedition back! HA!

We got there at 9am Sunday morning but was told the old tenant had to move out first… which they didn’t do until 3pm that afternoon. During that time, we visited our previous neighbors Tom & Bonnie, had a drink, went grocery shopping and watched a million Youtube videos on van conversion, because DUH.

So here we are, back in town, with a new vehicle and endless possibilities ahead of us. We’re so damn excited.


Proud new owner of a Ford Transit, our newest home on wheels!




4 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. dogsplayingpoker says:

    Instead of living in RV parks, you are now obligated to park the van down by a river. Oh, and you also have to change your profession to motivational speaker.

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